Top 5 Breakfast Ideas

Calling all breakfast lovers, we have so many recipes for you to try! Starting with soft, and tasty Doughnut Holes, to a Veggie Frittata that can fill up the entire family, and lastly a warm mug of Golden Milk to share with your partner, and even more recipes in between

We made all of these recipes in our Enameled Cast Iron Cookware, and you can too!


Homemade Doughnut Holes

If you don't mind frying, then these doughnut holes are a must try. A little crunch on the outside and so soft on the inside. Then sprinkle with powdered sugar, cinnamon, icing, or your favorite doughnut topping. 

You'll end up with roughly 24 doughnuts so there's plenty to share with friends and family.

Tomato Mozzarella Basil Frittata

A true Larder & Vine favorite right here! This recipe is super easy and so versatile so you can truly customize it to your liking. Swap out the veggies for any of your favorites such as asparagus, spinach, or zucchini. 

Apple Dutch Baby

Not a fan of making a whole batch of pancakes? We totally get it. These Dutch baby pancakes will be your new go-to for weekend AND weekday breakfasts.. yes, we said weekday because they're that easy!

If you don't love apples, then you can easily skip the apples and pour your batter mixture over the melted butter and bake. You'll end up with a huge, fluffy pancake that can serve four.

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes

Now if you do love flipping pancakes, then this is the recipe for you! By using buttermilk, you'll end up with the fluffiest pancakes you have ever made (except if you've made a Dutch baby, of course). 

Golden Milk

Swap out your morning coffee for this delicious Golden Milk. This traditional Indian drink comes loaded with wellness benefits such as:

  • reduces inflammation

  • improves mood

  • supports brain function and improves memory

  • prevents heart disease

  • lowers blood sugar levels

  • boosts immune system

  • improves bone health

  • aids digestion

This recipe only takes 10 minutes and serves two, so you and your partner can enjoy a morning drink together and feel great about it!