Holiday Recipe Ideas

 Cue the holiday music and grab your utensils, we're prepping you with all the recipes you need to try this season! We know you want to impress all of your friends when hosting your festive dinner party. Now you can easily impress with both your tasty plates and beautiful tablescape.

A red Dutch oven filled with cranberries, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves.

Before your guests arrive, have this Cranberry Winter Simmer Pot simmering on your stovetop. Your home will smell like a winter wonderland in just a few minutes. Hopefully, it can mask the smell of burnt food if anything goes awry!

Whether your guest list is all adults or kid-friendly, we have a drink for both! Help everyone warm up as they arrive with a hot mug of this creamy Hot Chocolate. It's made right in your Dutch oven so it's enough for a crowd. For everyone who's looking for a little kick in their mug, let them try this delicious Mulled Wine. It's still a warm Dutch oven recipe for a crowd so no worries about running dry!

Honey nut baked brie in a white braiser with baguette slices on a dining table set for a holiday dinner

If you aren't planning on hosting this season, we still have a recipe idea for you! Whether you're an avid bread baker or would like to test it out, this no-knead Rosemary Bread is basically fool-proof. Enjoy a slice for breakfast, make a sandwich for lunch, or dip right into this Honey Nut Baked Brie. If you're going to try only one recipe here, let this be the one! It's a crowd-pleaser and super easy to serve. Toss it in the oven then it's ready to go, easy as that.

Finally getting to the dinner portion, this Garlic Herb Stuffing is the best savory side to any feast. This might be the recipe that turns everyone into a stuffing lover!

A Cranberry Orange Cake in a red skillet

After all of these recipes, we hope you saved room for a slice of this Cranberry Orange Skillet Cake. It's fruity, light, and fluffy. Basically, the best dessert to serve after a filling, savory dinner.

Save a couple (or all) of these recipes for your upcoming holiday plans, we are sure they'll be a crowd favorite no matter the occasion!