Valentine's Day Dinners for Two

Why wait in a restaurant lobby for what feels like forever when you could be cooking up something sweet with your sweetheart right in the comfort of your own home. Plus, they say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so wow your favorite person with one of these easy, yet delicious meals for two! 


Don't worry, we have everything covered... drinks, starters, main dish, sides, and of course dessert!



Get cozy with your special someone and warm up with a mug of mulled wine this Valentine's Day. This recipe calls for the perfect amount for a romantic evening for two, so grab a bottle of your favorite red wine and get cooking.



Technically known as a starter, but we love to enjoy this dish as a meal on it's own. It's perfect for two around 2pm so you have room for the delicious dinner recipes below!



Spice up your Valentine's Day with this roasted tomato soup. It might not be a traditional Valentine's Day dish, but it's sure to heat things up so you can enjoy a romantic, cozy evening with your favorite person.

A classic Valentine's Day dish, just don't buy the jar of sauce, you're making your own this Valentine's Day. Don't worry, it's super easy and super creamy so don't be shocked if you crave it the rest of the week.


Bringing the sweet and the sour to Valentine's Day dinner this year with this pasta recipe. As fancy as it may sound, it's quite easy to make and your partner is sure to be impressed.


Grab an extra bottle of your favorite red wine to enjoy this masterpiece. Although it takes take and patience, so does love, making it the best dish to make with your special someone. 


His and Hers pizza are perfect for this romantic holiday! This dish lets you make your pies exactly how you and your partner want, so if you love mushrooms but they love pineapples, then make both or share a pizza with both of your favorite toppings!




You might want to wait a while after dinner to really enjoy this dessert. Plus there's no need to dirty extra dishes, just top with ice cream or powdered sugar and dig right in.