If you recently purchased your first Dutch oven, you may be wondering what you can cook in it. This might sound cliché, but the recipes are endless so let's start with how you can use your Dutch oven first.

Just picture combining the capabilities of a casserole dish and a stock pot, now that's a Dutch oven. You can easily go from the stovetop to the oven in the same pot. So now that you know the true power of the Dutch oven, basically any dish that requires the stove or oven can be made in it. Below you can find seven different Dutch oven cooking styles and we also shared a few recipes of our own to help you get started!

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1. Soups & Stews

This may be one of the most common uses for the Dutch oven due to its rather larger size. Our Dutch oven is a 5.7 Qt so it can make about 4-6 servings usually. Ps. the Roasted Tomato Soup is one of our favorite soup recipes below!

Broccoli and cheese soup inside a Bondi Dutch oven on a wooden table with wine glasses and white dinnerware.


2. Braising Meats & Veggies

Dutch ovens are ideal for braising your favorite meats and veggies since they can easily be switched from the stove to the oven. With their tight-fitting lid, heat is retained and helps the contents cook more evenly throughout. For recipes like our Red Wine Braised Ribs, the drip bumps on the lid help return moisture and flavor to the food during the entire cooking process to guarantee the tastiest ribs you've ever had. 

Artichoke petals on a plate held above a Dutch oven on a stovetop.


3. One-Pot Meals

Dutch ovens are the perfect cookware for a crowd so it only makes sense that they can serve the best casseroles. With their tight-fitting lid and great heat retention, your dish will come out flavorful and evenly cooked the entire way through.

In the top left is an Okra colored Dutch oven filled with rice and a spatula. In the bottom right is a white plate with Mexican rice garnished with cilantro.


4. Deep Frying

Although this cooking method can be a little messy, it's a fun weekend activity from time to time. So if you have ever wanted to try deep frying your favorite snacks, now is the time. The Dutch oven's heat retention will help keep the oil at the right temperature so you don't have to worry about the oil getting too hot or cold!

Doughnut holes covered in powdered sugar in a white bowl.


5. Bread Baking

Have you been thinking about making homemade bread? Well, your Dutch oven can also be used as your own bread maker. We shared our own recipe below, but if your family has their own secret bread recipe, now is the time to give it a go!

Sourdough loaf cut in half on a cutting board.


6. Desserts

Dessert for a crowd, the Dutch oven is prepared. It's perfect for anything from crisps and bakes to simple treats like homemade popcorn!

7. Pasta

Everyone loves pasta, right? That's what we thought! Now we know this style might not be the most fun, but it is the easiest and one of the tastiest! Find a few of our very own pasta recipes below and try out some of your go-to recipes as well. Our Dutch oven not only retains heat well but also heats up fast so you can start cooking your noodles even earlier.

Penne pasta tossed in a tomato and onion sauce on a white plate garnished with basil.