Ceramic Grill Pan

Color - Black
Material 100% Ceramic Stoneware
Size Square 10.6 x 10.6 x 1.1in
Color Available in Black or Cinnamon
Origin  Made in Italy

Elevate your culinary experience with our Italian-made ceramic grillware, designed to revolutionize your indoor and outdoor grilling adventures.

Whether searing steaks, grilling vegetables, or preparing delicate seafood, our ceramic grillware is the ultimate kitchen companion. 

Withstanding temperatures up to 662ºF, our ceramic grillware can be used for a wide range of recipes and cooking techniques such as searing, sautéing, baking, and broiling.  Even heating and excellent thermal retention ensures consistent cooking results with every use. 


Superior Quality: Engineered with precision and passion, our ceramic grillware is hand-crafted in Italy and derived from fireproof ceramic clay fired at an astounding 2192ºF. The result? A durable and reliable cooking companion that stands the test of time.

A protective scratch-resistant glaze allows for use of all cooking utensils and ensures longevity and enhanced performance.  Normal use may alter the color of the protective glaze.


Healthy Cooking: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals!  Our ceramic grillware is composed of natural materials and free of PFOA, PTFE, and PFAS. This ensures no toxins leach into your food, promoting healthier cooking.

Our products undergo rigorous testing and are FDA and California Prop 65 compliant, guaranteeing safety and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.


Versatile Design: Versatility is at the heart of our design.  Whether grilling indoors or outdoors, our ceramic grillware is suitable for the following heat surfaces: grill, gas or electric stovetops, ovens, and microwaves.  Not suitable for induction stovetops and stovetops with tempered glass.


Sustainable Choice: Made from 100% ceramic stoneware, our grillware is eco-friendly and built to last, reducing your carbon footprint while enhancing your cooking collection and style.


Care & Use: To optimize performance, our ceramic grillware requires seasoning with cooking oil before each use.  Simply rub oil evenly across the cooking surface and preheat over medium heat for no more than 3-4 minutes before adding food.  Ensure ceramic grillware is at room temperature before heating to prevent thermal shock. 

Dishwasher safe, but for optimal care and longevity, handwashing is recommended.  After use, wash with warm soapy water and gently scrub with an abrasive sponge to remove food debris.  Allow ceramic grillware to cool fully before washing to avoid thermal shock.


Safety Tip: Ceramic grillware gets very hot and retains heat for up to 20 minutes after switching off the heat source.  Always use oven mitts when handling.  Safeguard countertops and tables from thermal stress and scratching by using silicone trivets beneath grillware to protect surfaces.


Storage: Avoid stacking heavy items directly on top of grillware, as this may cause cracking or chipping.  If stacking is necessary, place a soft protective layer such as a cloth between items.


Order now to transform your cooking experience with our hand-crafted ceramic grillware and experience the unparalleled taste and quality of Italian craftsmanship.

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