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Enameled Cast Iron Skillet | 10.25in/27cm

Color - Limoncello

Deep Interior with Curved Base

The rounded corners on the interior of the skillet prevent any food from grouping and getting stuck in the corners giving an even cooking experience.

The body of the skillet is deep enough for frittatas or other baked dishes.

Support Handle

The great thing about cast iron skillets is that they can be used both on the stovetop and in the oven. The large support handles help to control the skillet when moving the skillet around to continue cooking or serving.

Pour Spouts

There are pour spouts on both sides of the skillet for draining pan juices without making a mess.

Each spout has a lip underneath to prevent the liquid from dribbling down the side of the pan.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Shortened handles allow for more control when using the skillet. The grove through the middle of the handle gives extra grip and comfort when handling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Heather K.
LOVE this Skillet

I LOVE using my skillet. It looks beautiful (Okra color) and it cooks great! From chicken to steaks - cooking on the stovetop and then finishing off in the oven is so nice. I have used this skillet several times and it cleans like a breeze (when using the soaking method with the baking soda, water and dish soap). SUPER happy I purchased this skillet.

Good little daily cast iron skillet. Season It!

I love cooking with cast iron because of the superior heat retention and distribution (once properly heated), and not having to worry about scratching non-stick surfaces. Cast iron also just has classic, professional quality to it that I do not find in stainless or glass cookware. It also just looks good in the kitchen. I know this skillet says it does not need seasoning, but I think it does. The cooking surface is not enameled. Heat the pan with some oil and let the oil cook on medium heat below the smoke point of the oil until the oil basically gone. Let it cool and then wipe clean. Never use dish soap on a seasoned pan, just wash with water while to hot. The only thing that use non-stick for is eggs, I don't even try cooking eggs in cast iron -even if well seasoned. The weight and design of this skillet is good and the outside enameled coating is good as well with no visible defects. Packaging is basic but adequate. Overall, this is good cookware that should hold up to years of use.

Durable and lovely

This is a lovely cast iron skillet that looks identical to the Le Creuset skillet. I absolutely love the "cabernet" color, which is a gorgeous red that the description photos do not do justice to. It does NOT need to be seasoned (it has a non-stick coating), and was ready to cook with immediately, after I washed it, of course. I find cleaning it super easy; I simply put some dish-liquid in, fill it with hot water, let it soak for a bit, then scrub it with a sponge. I have weak wrists, so I appreciate the support handle for moving the hot pan around. This pan does take a while to heat up compared to my other skillets, but is good for slow cooking, or for recipes that require the oven. I wish it came with a lid, but I have the Dutch Oven from this collection, and the lid from it fits this skillet perfectly.

Overall, I really like this easy to use and clean skillet, and would definitely order it again.