Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan | 2.2QT/2.1L


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Color - Cabernet

Large Long Handle and Support Handle

The support handle makes it easy to move around the kitchen and the shortened long handle allows for more control when using the saucepan. The grove through the middle of the handle gives extra grip and comfort when handling.

Interior Drip Bumps

The evenly distributed drip bumps on the interior of the lid help return moisture to the food you're cooking, continually basting the food throughout the cooking process.

Stainless Steel Knob

Our hollow-core stainless steel handles stay cooler for longer and are oven safe for up to 500°F. Don't forget to use an oven mitt to remove the lid.

Pour Spouts

There are pour spouts on both sides of the saucepan for draining pan juices without making a mess.

Each spout has a lip underneath to prevent the liquid from dribbling down the side of the pan.

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Based on 17 reviews

When I unpacked the from shipping box it had multiple chips. I have emailed company several times with no response. Very disappointed in product and company response. The other package I received that had multiple pans were in very good condition except for on small chip on one pan. I hope to hear back from the company soon as I would like to ship back the one pan before the 30 day time limit is up.

Versatile Sauce Pan

I love cooking with cast iron because of the superior heat retention and distribution (once properly heated), and not having to worry about scratching gawd knows what's in it non-stick surface of non-stick pots. Cast iron also just has classic, professional quality to it that I do not find in stainless or glass cookware. It also just looks good in the kitchen. The sauce pan is easy clean-up with the enameled surface if you clean it properly after use. I always use a bit of oil first and wipe the surface or heat the pan and prep it with oil before adding ingredients. Then wash with a hard sponge like a scrub daddy for any stuck on bits. The lid has a nice tight fit and the handle is solid and easy to grip (use a pot holder!) The finish is good and construction seems solid with no flaws. This pan should stand up to years of use!


Love cast iron. Love the yellow color