Very impressed!

First of all, my order arrived the same day I made my purchase which is always a plus! Aside from fast shipping, the dutch oven is super beautiful.

I have it sitting on my stove as a decoration piece. I love how sturdy and heavy it feels. Definitely the nicest cookware I have ever purchased and would absolutely recommend.


I do not understand why I haven't heard of this brand before

Excellent product. Highly recommend this Dutch Oven, have several made by other companies but use this one more often. Regardless of the brand name you may use just remember to use wooden utensils, and I never, never, ever put in our dishwasher. If you want your better cookware to serve you for a lifetime take a few extra minutes and wash by hand.

- Sebastian T.

Game changer with cooking

This skillet is definitely a game changer for me. I made a breakfast frittata and it was amazing. Very quick and easy to make and absolutely delicious. The skillet allows the heat to go all the way thru and cooks the insides just perfect. Clean up was just as easy. I use soap and water and let the pan dry. Very very easy!! I LOVE my skillet.

- Mark Riley