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Enameled Cast Iron Round Braiser | 3.6QT/3.4L

Color - Bondi

Stainless Steel Knob

Our hollow-core stainless steel handles stay cooler for longer and are oven safe for up to 500°F. Don't forget to use an oven mitt to remove the lid.

Interior Drip Bumps

The evenly distributed drip bumps on the interior of the lid help return moisture to the food you're cooking, continually basting the food throughout the cooking process.

Large Handles

Whether putting your Dutch Oven in the oven for cooking or on the table for serving, the big support handles make it easy to move around the kitchen.

Dome Lid

The dome lid allows for more room when cooking which is great for making bread. In comparison to flat lids, the dome lid retains moisture by not lifting to allow steam to escape.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing Braiser

This will be my go to pan for many of my meal preps. My chicken potpie turned out wonderful. Top and bottom crust both perfect and easy to remove from the pan. I used to make it in a stone pie dish and always worried about the pie running over. Not with this pan though.
The lemon chicken bake turned out amazing, also. The chicken baked in record time and stayed moist and delicious. Cleaning the pan was simple and I love that you have such great cleaning tips on your site. The pan is just beautiful in appearance and the attention to detail makes it the perfect pan to cook with.