9 Piece Bondi Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Set

Palette Inspiration: Hello Bondi

Palette Inspiration: Hello Bondi

Picture yourself lying on the beautiful shores of Australia looking out at the waves crashing in. The deep blue hues mixed with the bright teal highlights in each crashing wave, calming sound of the water, people chattering, and the birds soaring above. The serenity and vibrance of the Bondi Beach in Australia inspired our Bondi Collection. Now you can keep a memento of the ambiance of Australia right in your own kitchen.

Bondi Blue Braiser lid

Colorful Pairings

A maximalists dream come true! Our design team's top color pairing is the earthy bond between Bondi and Okra as they're both vibrant and calming at the same time. Their sleek gradients almost flow right into one another making them a fan favorite in the Larder & Vine Family.

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Shelf consisting of Blue, Green and white cookware

Calming Pairings

As vibrant and colorful as Bondi is, it's best paired with neutrals if you're a minimalist looking for a pop of color in your space. It's deep blue hues bring a classy feeling when styled with sleek neutrals such as our Stone and White Collections.

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Pair with White > 

Bondi Dutch oven with Stone Gray Saucepan

Bondi All The Way

With subtle accent changes, Bondi can work for both the most extravagant minds and the most calming souls. Or take this hue for all it has to offer and embrace Bondi as your sole color contributor to your space. It's serene sensation makes it a statement piece all on it's own. May it never be too much for any space.

Bondi cookware styled on shelf