How to Clean your Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

We want to help you keep your enameled cast iron in the best conditional possible so we're here to teach you some easy cleaning tips for enameled cast iron cookware. 

Enameled Cast Iron vs. Traditional Cast Iron

  • Enameled cast iron offers a variety of color options
  • Enameled cast iron doesn't need to be seasoned like traditional cast iron 
  • Traditional cast iron can rust when unseasoned whereas enameled cast iron is coated to prevent rusting
  • Enameled cast iron is easier to clean

5 Easy Cleaning Steps:

Following these simple steps can help keep your cookware in great condition to last for generations.

  1. After use, it’s important to let your cookware cool completely before cleaning.

  2. Soak with hot water, dish soap, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

  3. Cover and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

  4. Pour out the liquid and wipe clean with a gentle dish scrubber or sponge. Avoid using a steel sponge as this is harmful to the coating.

  5. Wash once more with warm water and dish soap before rinsing.

As you can see pictured below, food can easily get caked on and may look impossible to get off by hand. With a little hot water, soap and baking soda, it's easy to get your cookware looking new again.


We recommend:

  • Do not expose your enameled cast iron cookware to direct flame if it is empty.

  • Do not use metal utensils as they may scratch and chip your cookware. We recommend using wooden, nylon, silicone, or similar utensils.

  • Do not stack with other cookware when storing. If you must, place a towel between each pot or pan.

  • When you receive your package, your cookware comes ready with black protective clips. Use these clips when storing or not in use.

  • Avoid using a steel wool scrubber, it will damage the coating.

  • Remember to ALWAYS hand wash.

  • Take your care one step further by treating the exposed cast iron on the brim of the cookware.